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A Small Local Business Venue

A dream come true!

     Opening a head spa in Canada has been a deeply personal journey for me. Having grown up in Asia, where going to the head spas were a common activity, I always carried the dream of bringing this experience to Canada. However, with a lack of confidence, knowledge and self-doubt, I was hesitated for 7 years to embark on this journey. Headicure the name, was in place for 7 years before it was finally trademarked! It took the global challenges and uncertainties brought by the Covid-19 pandemic to truly appreciate the value of life and the importance of pursuing one's passions. This crisis served as a reminder, that life is too short , everything is temporary so let's make the best of everyday. I realized that I could offer something truly beneficial and healing to people here in Vancouver, a place where I have called home for 30 years.


      My team and I, we bring a wealth of experience in the service industry. We are passionate, warm and knowledgeable. No, we are not a dermatologist nor a trichologist but we have what it takes to bring you the best of both worlds. Scalp Health and Head Pampering. I am dedicated to continue to learn and expand my knowledge but let's just get the ball rolling first :)


   Opening this head spa is not just about providing a relaxing service but also a commitment to well-being, self-love and a testament to the resilience that comes from appreciating every moment of life. 


 We are located in the heart of Vancouver, where the East meet the West.

3957 Main Street

Vancouver, BC,

V5V 3P3

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